Breakout Sessions - December 6th

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Breakout Session I: 10:15 – 11:00 a.m. / Breakout Session II: 11:15 a.m. – 12 noon / Breakout Session III: 1:00 - 1:45p.m.

1. ROUND TABLE FOR SCHOOLS explores your school’s drug and alcohol policies. Are they effective, ineffective, or some place in the middle? Join this sharing/informational session on the development and/or expansion of your school’s policy. Find out what works and what does not in preventing drug and alcohol abuse by students. This workshop is open to all conference participants. PRESENTERS: Cindy Brown, Nassau County Traffic Safety Board and Marge Lee, Executive Director, DEDICATEDD,

2. DANGEROUS DRIVING – THE EFFECT OF ALCOHOL ON THE HUMAN BODY. This workshop will explore the dangerous effects of alcohol on the human body and the police response in dealing with issues of driving under the influence of alcohol. PRESENTERS: Nassau County Police Officer J. “Doc” Baietto, JBaietto@PDCN.ORG

3. SUFFOLK POLICE DEPARTMENT HIGHWAY PATROL. This presentation will review the many presentations offered by the Suffolk Police Department’s Highway Patrol for public education. PRESENTERS: Suffolk County Police Department Motorcycle Patrol Officer James Spadaro, James.

4. DEDICATEDD: WHY NOT ME? No one chooses to be a victim, so “Why Not Me?” What is being done to fight impaired driving and what more can we do. Fatal vision goggles will give attendees a drunk’s eye view. PRESENTER: Marge Lee, Executive Director, DEDICATEDD,

5. THE POWER OF SADD. An overview of a successful SADD chapter will be featured. What can your chapter do to create a safe and positive culture to help students avoid making destructive decisions that can forever impact their lives? PRESENTER: Naomi Bisk, SADD Advisor, South Side High School, Rockville Centre School District,

6. THIS IS YOUR BRAIN, THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS. This workshop will explain the working of the brain and how alcohol and marijuana impact you and your driving abilities. Fatal Vision “beer goggles” will be demonstrated. PRESENTER: Felicia Schneberg, Director of Education & Training, Nassau County Department of Human Services, Office of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency and Developmental Disabilities Services,

7. AAA NEW YORK. Learn about all AAA has to offer. Featured offerings include traffic safety programs for children, teens and parents. Free programs are offered to schools, PTA’s, and community groups on all topics related to teen driving. AAA believes that building partnerships is the key to keeping teens safe on the road. PRESENTER: Barbara Ward, Traffic Safety Specialist, AAA New York,; Karen Blackburn, Traffic Safety Specialist, AAA New York,

8. DRIVING IN THE SAFE LANE is presented by the Community Parent Center, a not-for-profit organization located in North Merrick. This program is designed to reduce teen crashes and save lives through parent/teen awareness and education. The program targets parents as key players in influencing teens to drive safely and responsibly. PRESENTER: Wendy Tepfer, Director, Community Parent Center,; Thomas Gilberti, Retired, Nassau County Police Department; Lucy Weinstein, MD, Director of Injury Prevention, Winthrop University Hospital

9. ALLSTATE’S SAFE TEEN DRIVE. Eliminating distractions in the car can help save lives on the road, especially for teens, as they have less experience behind the wheel. Join in on the conversation with Allstate to raise awareness around life saving driving laws, insurance basics and safe driving tips. PRESENTER: John Mannara, Allstate Insurance Company,

10. The STORIES OF SUBSTANCE presentation uses drama, humor, and music in a creative, powerful, and efficient way to educate students about making healthy choices. It is an approved Arts-In-Education (Nassau) and Suffolk BOCES program. Many topics of “substance” will be brought to the forefront, but especially on distracted teen driving. PRESENTER: Kathleen Flynn-Bison, M.A., CHES and Peer Education “SOS” Troupe,

11. POWER OF PARENTS, IT’S YOUR INFLUENCE! MADD volunteers provide a 30 minute parent workshop giving parents tools on how to talk with their teens about alcohol. Surveys show that 74% of youth believe that their parents are a leading influence in their lives. Participants will receive a free handbook. PRESENTER: Tom McCoy, Executive Director, Mother Against Drunk Driving Long Island,

12. EDUCATING STUDENTS TO THE DANGER OF FEELING INVINCIBLE! HOW A TEN MINUTE JOYRIDE CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER! Chris is a young man who made some impulsive decisions that resulted in consequences that were life altering for him and his family. He shares his experiences firsthand about the dangers of impaired and distracted driving, delivering a powerful message to parents and students. PRESENTER: Chris Memoli,

13. TALKING TO KIDS. This presentation will focus on tools and tips for communicating with students and other youth. Strategies to get your point across will be emphasized, the Ford Driving Skills for Life event at Mepham High School will be discussed, and the use of the SRO Toolkit will be presented and discussed. PRESENTERS: Chuck Conroy, Highway Safety Program, Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee,; Sergeant Todd R. Engwer, New York State Police Law Enforcement Liaison, Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee,

14. TASTE: THINKING ERRORS, ANGER MANAGEMENT, SOCIAL SKILLS, AND TALKING EMPATHY: This program creates a climate of accountability and conflict resolution so as to end violence and restore safety in our schools. This is a four-part program for offenders, students, and parents to teach the consequences of dangers behaviors developed by the presenters. PRESENTERS: Robert Goldman, J.D., Psy.D., Supervising Psychologist, Suffolk County Probation Department,; Victoria Ruvollo (suffered serious injuries when teens threw a frozen turkey from their car into her windshield),

15. HANG UP AND DRIVE! is a first-hand account of the potentially devastating consequences of cell phone use while driving. Jacy Good’s story is both tragic and inspiring and together with her fiancé, Steve Johnson, she has been educating thousands about the science behind distracted driving, the far-reaching ripple effects of road tragedies, and the very real, human toll caused by distracted driving. The pair has spoken at nearly 60 high schools, college and corporations since appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show in April 2010. PRESENTERS: Jacy Good and Steve Johnson,

16. PROJECT IMPACT and DISTRACTED DRIVING RESOLUTION (DDR). Project Impact is an audio, visual, and live action drinking and driving simulation that makes a powerful impact in schools and communities. In 2010, Deer Park High School won $10,000 and the national championship when they competed in the National Youth Organization’s Act Out Loud competition. See what they accomplished and how it was done. PRESENTER: Sherry Deacon, Deer Park High School,


Allstate Insurance Company and Nassau County “STOP DWI Program” 



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