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Driving can be a major problem for young people if the proper precautions are not taken. As a county that relies heavily on driving, teens and youth who are less experienced drivers face high risks and dangers on the road. Not only can driving itself be a problem, but driving while intoxicated or under the influence are issues that are commonly seen linked together as well. 
The following are resources available for parents, professionals, and youth to educate and keep your teens safe as they learn to drive. Resources are constantly being updated.

Fact Sheets/Tips/Flyers
Teen Driving Facts
Problems, Facts, and Solutions
5 Things You Should Know

Eight Danger Zones (PDF) 

Teens Behind the Wheel

Teen Driving Risks (PDF) 

5 Important Areas to know

GHSA's highway safety policies and priorities (PDF) 

All you need to know about highway safety

Teen Passenger Tips (PDF) 

Is it safe?

Parents Get The Facts - CDC (PDF)

Handing your teen the car keys

Safety belts save lives (PDF) 

Help spread the message on

Stay awake stay alive (PDF) 

Don't drive drowsy

Top 10 Tips Preventing Teen Accidents (PDF)

Tips from GEICO 

You and the drinking driving laws (PDF) 


What is Reckless Driving? 

What you need to know

NHTSA- Drivers Urged to Check Tires During Hot Weather

Find out why it is important to do a routine check of your tires during the hot weather months


Internet Sites
Mothers Against Drunk Driving- aimed at ending drunk driving, helping fight drugged driving, supporting the victims of these violent crimes, and preventing underage drinking
Students Against Destructive Driving- aimed at empowering young people to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them in their daily lives
Tips on driving for new drivers
Improving teen driver safety whether you are a teen, parent, policymaker, educator, or researcher
The National Safety Council saves lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads through leadership, research, education and advocacy
Transforming teens into safer drivers since 1952
A community health initiative aimed at reducing the incidences of teenage automobile crashes, injuries and fatalities in Virginia by assisting school divisions and communities in the development and implementation of local Partners for Safe Teen Driving programs
Working with schools and young adults to teach them about internet safety, underage drinking, the dangers of texting and driving, hate crimes, and drug and substance abuse
Teaches young adults to speak up against reckless driving if they feel unsafe in the car
Teaching strategies to young adults on the road in order to improve their safety and prevent teen motor vehicle crashes
Teen car accident pictures, statistics, and stories
Matches volunteers to causes they care about, near them
The nation's first nonprofit organization pushing to have FDA approved breathalyzers available wherever people are drinking
Remembering the real people in wrecks
Builds partnerships that save lives, prevent injuries, and promote safe and healthy lifestyles among all youth while encouraging youth empowerment and leadership
Useful tools to help you make a plan and stick to that plan to prevent drunk driving
Family owned and run company dedicated to stopping texting and driving injuries and deaths in North America
Resource for learning all you need to know about distracted driving
Everything you need to know about being on the road
Foundation for advancing alcohol responsibility
How to help your teen drive safely

Strategy workshop development

Workshop information on how judicial officials identify, punish, and effectively treat hardcore drunk drivers who appear in court

Parents Guide to Teen Driving (PDF)

A guide for parents on keeping their teen drivers safe throughout their teen years and for the rest of their life

Teen Driving Parental Guidance (PDF)

Helping parents to help their children prepare to become safe, licensed drivers

Wrecked life and death on the road (PDF)
A guide to what it means to make good and bad decisions on the road

The Century Council- Initiatives, Public Policy, & Research

Funded by distillers in order to develop and implement innovative approaches to dealing with the critical issues of drunk driving and underage drinking

Distracted Driving Research

Research findings on different areas of distracted driving


Speaking Resources

Distracted Driving Guide (DOC) 

Presented by AAA

Recommended Presenters

Speakers to contact about all driving issues

Media Materials

Driving in the Safe Lane (Banner)

Hang up and Drive Safely (Poster) 

"I promise"

Youth and Road Safety Action Kit (PDF)

Action Kid on keeping roads safe for young people

SAVE-IT Program (PDF)

Program preventing fatalities and injuries by reducing distraction-related motor vehicle crashes

Dealing with Distracted Driving (PDF)

Awareness and educational approaches for dealing with the problems of distracted driving

Guides, Posters, Brochures for parents

Documents to help spread the word about the importance of parents in safety

Driving Safety Quiz – Are you road smart? (PDF)

Are you road smart?

Parent Teen Driving Agreement - CDC (PDF)

Sign it today!


Parents are the KEY

The Parents of Alex Brown Share Their Story

Impact: After the Crash

Just a Few Seconds: Distracted Driving

The Faces of Distracted Driving