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Hazing is any action taken or any situation created intentionally that causes embarrassment, harassment or ridicule and risks emotional and/or physical harm to members of a group or team. According to national statistics, more than half of college students are involved in some form of campus hazing.
The following are resources available for parents, professionals, and youth to educate and prevent hazing in children and adolescents. Resources are constantly being updated.
Fact Sheets/Tips/Flyers
Laws and penalties
Separate truths from fictions
What to look for
Internet Sites
Empowering people to prevent hazing
National leader in resources for hazing research and prevention
An opportunity for campuses, schools, communities, organizations and individuals to raise awareness about the problem of hazing, educate others about hazing, and promote the prevention of hazing resources

Provides a comprehensive review of scientific research on hazing in sports
Due to media portrayals of hazing, the ways in which we think and speak about hazing, as well as the subsequent “solutions”, are counterproductive and distort our understandings of the causes of “hazing”
News Coverage