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Substance Abuse Prevention

Substance abuse is an increasing problem among youth today. Most abuse can begin during preteen and teenage years which can create a greater risk of addiction affecting not only their own lives but of their family and friends as well. 

The following are resources available for parents, professionals, and youth to educate and prevent substance abuse in children and adolescents.

Visit the DA's Heroin Prevention Task Force website for more information

Fact Sheets/Tips/Flyers
How and where to get help
Signs to look for
Abuse Signs, Symptoms & Effects
Everything you need to know
How to approach and respond
Talk to your pre-teens/teens before it's too late
Free emergency Narcan kits given with training 
Places to get help near you!
Everything you need to know about Narcan

Relevant Agencies/Organizations
The science of drug abuse and addiction
All about the science of drug use for teens
Teen and Adolescent Substance Abuse
Police as a source for covering important topics with students
Advancing behavioral health of the nation
Nations Medical Research Agency
Updated information on all health related topics
Information on smoking and steps to quit smoking
Reducing substance abuse among adolescents
Police and communities coming together to fight adolescent substance abuse
Research center dedicated to decreasing teen substance abuse
How to deal with withdrawal and moving forward
Tobacco use among children and teens

Evidence from a populated-based cohort study

Media Materials

A guide for development and improvement- Understanding substance abuse and working as a community to create a programs
Planning and executing drug prevention in communities among children and teens
How Hoffman's death saved 10 lives
Opinion piece on Hoffman's death in connection to drug laws

News Coverage