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Support Groups

The key component that makes a support group unique is that it aims its members to mutually support one another. It may be surprising to some parents, but children could need the support of other children due to anxiety, emotional problems, sexual identity questions, eating disorders and many others. 

The following is a list of resources to help parents and children understand how support groups work and find one that best fits their needs. 

Fact Sheets/Tips/Flyers 
Defining a children's support group

Family and Youth Services Bureau 

To help end domestic violence that one may be facing 

Info on family support advocates

For Parents/Guardians/Relatives
Parental groups for all family types and locations of groups nearest you

How a support group can help parents 

Tips for parents of a LGBTQ child

Tips for parents of a high need child

Internet Sites
List of parent and family support groups & event dates on Long Island 

Nassau County Support Specialists 

Different Support Groups and Psychologists for Various Needs of the Children 

List of groups and camps for high functioning needs children 

Statistics of Support Group Success